Keep your ears warm and your hair in place on chilly days.

Designed to provide comfort and warmth for your outdoor running adventures, the Ronhill Matrix Run Headband has been constructed using a knitted fleece. The soft fabric sits comfortably against the skin for all day wear; the textured fleece works to retain heat so you can go further for longer. The knitted grid fleece retains the warm air that you produce between your body and the outer surface of the headband. By trapping heat between its fibers, the headband works to keep you warm even in the coldest of conditions. As well as this, the different sized yarns within the grid work to draw sweat from the inside surface to the outer keeping you dry. The moisture managing fabric keeps you comfortable and dry when temperatures rise. Ronhill's signature Regulite fabric has also been used within the construction of the headband to ensure a comfortable temperature at all times. The fabric works to regulate your body temperature so you'll never feel too hot or too cold. Regulite is soft to the touch and sits comfortable against the skin for all day wear. In colder conditions the fabrication works to seal in escaping heat so you'll never feel the negative effects of cold winter days. Completing the Ronhill Matrix Headband are reflective details which increase your visibility to passing vehicles on late night adventures.