The OBO Robo Body Armour has been designed for players who need ultimate protection and comfort. The Robo Body Armour is made form the highest quality plastics to ensure the best protection. The shape of the body Armour is to make sure you have the best mobility.

Product Details
  • The NEW Robo Body Armour is constructed from individual pieces of foam which allows 'free movement' and great agility, while not compromising protection. The protection panels can move independently of each other but still ensures that the armour stays in the correct position.
  • High density foams cover key areas as well as internal organs. The chest and heart are further protected by a comfortable and breathable inner pad.
  • The new armour is shapped better for both protection and fit. Please note this is a body piece only.
  • Sizes:
    • Medium:
      • Length - 19"
      • Width - 22"
    • Large:
      • Length - 21"
      • Width - 28"
  • PLEASE NOTE - The Arms/Elbow guards shown are NOT included, these can be bought on their own.