The OBO ABS Junior Helmet is perfect for junior keepers who need the best protection on the pitch. The ABS Junior Helmet is shaped to ensure it fits all head shapes, to make sure the kids want to wear it!

Product Details

The new Youth helmet OBO, for the small keepers among us!
The only Youth helmet fully tested and approved for field hockey! With a completely new design!


  • Fully tested and approved for field hockeyFull ABS helmet for the lightest weight and the best protection

  • Carbon steel cage with double -pillar, integrated into the helmet for a very high degree of protection

  • Closed cell foam on the inside that absorbs the impact

  • Ergonomic and easily adjustable chincup

  • Continuous chin which is also protected the throat

  • Replaceable sweatband

  • Adjustable back plate with patented strap system. In a move the helmet to fit every head !

  • Under 11's

  • The new generation of OBO helmets starts with the youth. Do NOT take a risk and go for safety!