The Pro Ti Gel Tennis Racket offers great stability and control, weighing 300 grams the racket is enhanced with nano gel system providing a smoother playing experience.

  • Added fast fibre
  • 10% faster after a ball strike
  • Flattened throat area to enhance control

Designed for a much smoother playing experience, the Karakal Pro Ti Gel 300 tennis racket comes with a good-sized head of 100in2 (645cm2) to ensure respectable accuracy and forgiveness on the off-centre shots. Additionally, the head light balance allows for a shorter swing time and superior handling, making the overall control over ball easier. The racquet is strung with Nano Spiral string in 16x19 pattern – great for technical shots with a little bit of spin on the groundstrokes, whilst the frame design offers fantastic vibration dampening thanks to titanium graphite gel material. To ensure good protection, the racket is shipped with a full-length cover, shielding it from dust and scratching when not playing.