Both durable and stylish, these attractive Neoprene-coated iron dumbbells are an excellent choice when it comes to your fitness training. Available in 7 weights from 0.5-5kg, they are an ideal training companion and ideal for muscle toning, aerobic and fitness training. Designed with handy flat bottoms, the dumbbells will not roll away when placed on the ground while the neoprene reduces noise and impact when dropped. This makes them hassle-free, safe and easy to incorporate into every fitness programme. Sold in pairs. WARRANTY 180 days (home).

Neoprene coated iron: durable whilst preventing damage, noise and impact when dropped Flat bottoms: prevents rolling Attractive design: bright coloured Neoprene for each weight Available sizes: 0.5kg - 5kg (sold in pairs) Warranty: 180 days (home)